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Alarms are SMS and email notifications that are sent by AfricaWeathers systems to you to warn you about weather conditions taking place in and around your site. Alarms include storm and lightning warnings and unusual weather notifications.

There are different subscriptions to our portals that range from 10 to 20 people who can receive SMS alarms per portal. An unlimited number of people can receive email alarms per portal. Alarm times can be set by choosing to receive alarms for 24 hours, 6am – 6pm, 6am – 8pm, 8am – 8pm or any times that are convenient for you. Alarm times remain the same for everyone on the portal registered to receive them so if you choose 24 hour alarms, everyone who receives alarms will receive the 24 hour option. Alarm times can’t be set differently for each individual under one portal. When you view alarms on the portal the last alarm is always at the top of the list.