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Automated Weather Stations

Who is AfricaWeather?

AfricaWeather offers unique turnkey weather solutions to the power, mining, construction, aviation, agriculture and logistics industries. This is done via an online portal, which gives you the most up-to-date access to weather intelligence, specific to your exact location and industry.

Have your own weather station

The most recent innovation from AfricaWeather is the ability to link our state of the art online weather portals to an automated weather station installed on your site. AfricaWeather's Automated Weather Stations capture real time weather information and allow you to build historical weather reporting capabilities at your site. This information is accessible to you via a secure online portal.

How will the Automated Weather Station benefit my site?

See what is going on at your site

The automated weather station records the weather data for your site and sends it directly to an online web-portal, which you can access via the web or your smart phone. The automated weather station measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and rain.

View latest weather trends

View trends over the last 24 hours at your site. Get an understanding of the maximum and minimum temperatures, minimum and maximum relative humidity as well as maximum wind speeds at your location and what time of day these were recorded.

Build historical reporting capabilities

Get access to historical weather reporting for your site. The weather data captured with the automated weather station is automatically stored on our secure servers to ensure the integrity of your information.

This information is available to you online and you can easily pull reports to assist with environmental issues or lost time reports. The online system gives you the capability to access hourly graphs over your specified time period as well as detailed 5-minute weather reports for your site.

Improve short-term forecasts

Installing an automated weather station on your site improves the accuracy of your short-term forecasts as these are based on actual data at your site and not the nearest weather station, which may be a long distance from your site.

World-class accuracy for your site

AfricaWeather uses Campbell Scientific Weather Stations, which have become the worldwide standard for meteorological and climatological monitoring. Campbell Weather Stations are used on every continent to reliably capture weather data in some of the world's toughest environments.

Customised to your requirements

In addition to the standard features of the automated weather station that measure wind speed, wind direction, temperatures, humidity and rainfall consumers can also choose to install a webcam and barometer for an additional cost.

The webcams allow you to view what is happening at your site. Barometric pressure can now be accurately measured on your site and monitored in real time.